We have found that our pupils like to learn the names of other Under-the-Sea animals. So here you go… a PowerPoint with some additional animals for your Under-the-Sea topic. Visit the Sparkle Speak You Tube channel for word files: https://www.youtube.com/user/sparklespeak Under the sea adventure extra creatures  

Under-the-Sea animals in French

Here is a free PowerPoint with pictures of all the characters from Bonjour Milo! Under-the-Sea Adventure. Click on each character to hear a fun jingle introducing the character. This resource compliments the CDrom resource. If you like this resource look out for our Rainforest Quest character jingles. Under the sea adventure[…]

Character jingles for Bonjour Milo! Under-the-Sea Adventure

The perfect accompaniment to Milo’s Holiday Scrapbook and art activity available to download from the new Sparkle Speak website; excellent for boosting intercultural understanding and an easy start to the school year. Imagine the look on your pupils’ faces when they return in September to find a postcard from Milo. Sent[…]

Limited Offer: Handwritten postcards sent to your class from Milo in Normandy

At the launch of the new Take Brittany resource it was the children who shone and showed how this way of working supports language learning and intercultural understanding. After completing some of the activities on the new Take Brittany disc, children from Diptford Primary School in Devon were invited aboard[…]

Take Brittany Launch